• Meg Tilly,
  • Jason Lee,
  • Mick Jagger,
  • Lauryn Hill,
  • Tina Turner,
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers,
  • Spice Girls,
  • Gene Simmons,
  • Metallica,
  • Roger Daltry,
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt,
  • Lou Reid,
  • Nelly Furtado,
  • Jeremy Irons,
  • Traci Lords,
  • Chris Noth,
  • Eric Stoltz,
  • Suzanne Summers,
  • Alice Cooper,
  • Dolly Parton,
  • Bruce McCullough,
  • Erica Badu,
  • Montel Jordon,
  • Alanis Morisette,
  • Coolio,
  • Chris Kornell,
  • Joni Mitchell,
  • N'Sync,
  • Blind Melon,
  • Mary Wilson (Supremes),
  • Martin Short,
  • Andrea Martin,
  • 3 Deep with Eddie Cibrian (CSI Miami),
  • Iggy Pop,
  • Nina Hartley,
  • Smashing Pumpkins,
  • Dianna Krall,
  • Bare Naked Ladies,
  • Molly Johnson,
  • LL Cool J,
  • Byonce,
  • Tommy Davidson,
  • Will Sasso,
  • Chantel Kreviaszuk,
  • T.L.C.,
  • Brett Hart,
  • Ivanna Santilli,
  • Bill Gates,
  • Sarah Mclachlan,
  • Sass Jordon,
  • Rob Schneider,
  • Jerry Springer,
  • Chyna,
  • Ethan Hawke,
  • Megan Follows,
  • Aerosmith,
  • Tommy Lee,
  • Korn,
  • Chris Leavins,
  • William F. Macy,
  • Aisha Tyler,
  • Kevin Bacon,
  • Mellisa Gilbert,
  • Scott Thompson,
  • Stephen McHattie,
  • Tonya Williams (Yn'R),
  • Jason Segal,
  • Kelly Carlson (Nip Tuck),
  • Shaggy,
  • Jason Priestley,
  • Justin Timberlake,
  • Aleya,
  • Bono,
  • Lenny Kravitz,
  • The Rock (Dwane Johnson),
  • Measha Brueggergosman,
  • Joel Silver,
  • Dwight Yoakam,
  • Jeanne Beker,
  • Daniel Kash,
  • Jane Sibery,
  • Puff Daddy,
  • Ellen Dubin,
  • Michael Buble,
  • Aaron Nevell,
  • Stacey Mackenzie,
  • Hedley,
  • Serena Ryder,
  • Rufus Wainright,
  • Youssou N'Dour,
  • Babyface,
  • Jeff Healey,
  • Julie Black,
  • Maestro Fresh Wes (Wes Williams),
  • Mary MacDonnell (Johnny Darko),
  • Redman, Cranberries,
  • Sheryl Crow,
  • Kim Coates,
  • Colin Hanks,
  • Jessica Alba and many more...,
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Hi, I'm Film and TV Pro's Laurie Patricia McDonald. Makeup-Guru considered an essential addition to any crew! After over 3 decades of service, I'm still funky, new and uniquely creative.

Discovered by a T.V. Producer, while on set preparing a character (aging & bearding), I was immediately hired to makeup news anchors for a Pay T. V. review show.

By 1987 I was offered a position @ Chum Television where I continued steady employment for numerous channels. Here my skills developed because of the diversity of the many shows I worked on. From conservative more natural makeups for eg. politicians, doctors, authors & athletes to glamour for models, actors , musicians & news anchors, hosts. Also some special effects makeup for comedians, wrestlers & other clientel. My talents vary. For more than 16 years I've done makeup on movie junkets (ie. Film Festival, for stars, producers & directors).

I've worked on film, television, music videos, commercials, industrials, live stage & tv as well as print (eg. mags such as Flare, Canadian Living, Mode 1, Ocean Drive, Star Week, Broadcast Week, MacLeans, Now & many corporate magazines & brochures, as well as CD covers (inserts) & book jackets).

My artistry consistently grows as do I. Airbrushing is one of the mediums I'm proficient in & continue regular work as a freelance makeup artist in the Toronto Canada area.

From October 1987 to March 2016, I worked for Citytv on a full-time basis. Currently, I have been freelancing on music videos, commercial shoots and documentaries.

As an IATSE 873 permittee, I've been requested on daily work & I am a regular crew member of Moxie Productions. Look for my work at moxieproductions.com to see 'Talk with Kate' for example, an ongoing inspirational interview show. Follow me on Instagram @Ladytrycian.

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After working with Mary MacDonnell (from Donnie Darko), during film festival, she requested me for the gala & asked "Why aren't you working in L A.?"

Anne Mroczkowski (well known Toronto news anchor), insisted on my personal touch for 20yrs.

The lovely Traci Melchor (entertainment host and reporter) demanded my makeup for the many shows we worked together on.

Chantel Kreviasuk said, "I know I never need to bring a makeup artist with me to Much Music, because you always make me look great!"

Ivanna Santilli repeats, "Laurie's the best!!!" We've hung out for hours at the MMVA's chatting about music and fashion.

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